Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Home Grown Part 7: Wouldn't it Be Nice to Be a Bee?

I wouldn't mind being a bee. You spend all spring and summer buzzing from flower to flower, and the rest of the year is spent subsisting off of the honey that you yourself created. Just a thought.

The bees are all abuzz in my garden right now. They've made a home for themselves under one of the garden beds. It's fun to watch them come and go all day long. Imagine how much honey must be under there!
Bees under the garden bed.

Here's what's happening in the garden this week..

I've found a few of these tomato hornworms with parasitic
braconid wasp eggs on my plants. I feel bad for the caterpillars,
even though they had it out for my plants!
I have more tomatoes than I know what to do with.
These guys in particular will become a delicious sauce.
As you can see in the foreground and the background, I
have plenty of basil, too. I've been freezing the leaves in zip locks
full of water, and dehydrating some so that I have dried basil through the winter.
I've pretty much picked through the lettuce.  This plant has gone to seed
with some pretty yellow flowers. It's almost time to start collecting seeds!
I planted this summer squash only about a month ago.
The squash are doing well, too.
I have about 6 butternut squash growing.
These tiny squash have been making an appearance.
Delicata? Maybe?
This spaghetti squash seems to be ripening off the vine still.
I ripped it off when the rest of the plant was infested with squash bugs.
I'm not sure if it's any good..


There are about 5 watermelons growing in the melon bed.

Check out these monsters! I cut into one, but it didn't seem to be ready.
The inside was all pink and white, but it was still sweet and tasty!
A few of the peas I planted late in the season are actually
producing pea pods. They're not as sweet or tender as the ones
from the spring.
These eggplants are just about ready to harvest!

White peppers? I wonder what color they will turn into.
Tasty looking bell peppers.
Purple peppers.

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