Friday, June 29, 2012

Home Grown Part 3: The First Harvest

The only thing that tastes better than food you've made yourself, is food you've grown yourself. I love being able to go to the backyard to get a snack, or to pick fresh herbs to throw into a dish. Here are some garden highlights..
Cilantro is really taking off in the pallet garden
Beets and carrots. The carrots are nearly there!
The beans are coming along, too.
Tomatoes! I had no idea how big tomato plants could get.
This will make a delicious salad!
Peas make a delicious snack.
These cropped up overnight.

Squash bugs.. eek!! I don't have the heart to kill them,
so I toss them in the chicken coop.
Hopefully they'll take care of the pests for me!
The zucchini are making their appearance!
I need recipes for squash flowers.

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